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We are here to offer you insights & techniques to help you live life with joy & love!

People today, find themselves running through life, doing their best to make ends meet, while meeting challenges both foreseen and unexpected. Life has a beat that brings in joy, sorrow, loss, abundance, desire, disgust, change and powerful transformations. How we respond or react to life's experiences is always our choice. But frequently people do not realize they even have a choice in how they react because so much of our development is ingrained through a multitude of childhood or past life experiences.

  • How can we change what we are unaware of about ourselves? 
  • How does one learn to respond instead of react to life? 
  • Where are the keys to how to live in joy? 

On this website, you will find answers to these questions and if you do not find what you seek, email us and we will create a podcast in response.

We are here to change the world, one person at a time.

We will give everyone who engages us, the tools they need to discover love and joy, and to develop a peaceful, happy heart and an abundant generous pocket too!

So look around, we are just beginning this adventure and will expand as we grow with you. Tools you will find on this site include: podcasts, videocasts, Emotional Freedom Technique Sessions, and guided meditations. Each is centered on a theme and when you listen, then tap (EFT), and then relax in a meditative state, you will begin a journey of change that will give you peace, joy and love.

We wish you every blessing on your journey of self-discovery. May you find answers and begin to truly love the unique magnificent being that you are.


Michele Avanti & Deborah Blyth

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